hit1 W2S1 [hıt] v past tense and past participle hit present participle hitting
1¦(touch somebody/something hard)¦
2¦(crash into something)¦
3¦(hurt yourself)¦
7¦(affect badly)¦
8¦(have problems)¦
9¦(reach a level/number)¦
11¦(smell/sight etc)¦
13 hit the road/trail
14 hit the shops/streets
15 hit the headlines
16 hit the bottle
17 hit the dirt/the deck
18 hit a (brick) wall
19 hit the buffers/skids
20 hit somebody when they are down
21 hit somebody where it hurts
22 hit it off (with somebody)
23 hit the big time
24 hit the ground running
25 hit the jackpot
26 hit the nail on the head
27 hit home
28 hit the spot
29 hit the roof/ceiling
30 hit the sack
Phrasal verbs
 hit back
 hit on somebody/something
 hit out
 hit out at somebody/something
 hit somebody with something
 hit somebody up for something
[Date: 1000-1100; : Old Norse; Origin: hitta 'to find, hit']
to touch someone or something quickly and hard with your hand, a stick etc
He raised the hammer and hit the bell.
hit sb/sth with sth
The robbers hit him over the head with a baseball bat.
to move into something or someone quickly and with force
The tanks exploded as the plane hit the ground.
He was taken to hospital after being hit by a car.
to move a part of your body quickly against something accidentally, causing pain
= ↑bang
The ceiling's low, so be careful you don't hit your head.
hit sth on/against sth
She slipped and hit her head on the sidewalk.
4.) ¦(SPORT)¦ [T]
a) if you hit a ball or other object, you make it move forward quickly by hitting it with a ↑bat, stick etc
= ↑strike
Hit the ball as hard as you can.
b) to get points by hitting a ball in a game such as ↑baseball or ↑cricket
Last year, Griffey hit 49 home runs.
5.) ¦(PRESS)¦ [T] informal
to press a part in a machine, car, etc to make it work
Maria hit the brakes just in time.
6.) ¦(ATTACK)¦ [T]
to attack something or wound someone with a bomb, bullet etc
Our ship was badly hit and sank within minutes.
A second shot hit her in the back.
The bomb failed to hit its target .
7.) ¦(AFFECT BADLY)¦ [I and T]
if something bad hits a place or a person, it suddenly happens and affects people badly
The village has been hit by a devastating drought.
Hurricane Louis is expected to hit at the weekend.
be badly/severely/hard hit
The company has been hard hit by the drop in consumer confidence.
The south of the country is the worst hit by the recession.
to experience trouble, problems etc
hit a snag/problems/a bad patch etc
My father hit a bad patch, he had to sell the house.
to reach a particular level or number
Sales have hit the 1 million mark .
hit a peak/an all-time high etc
Earnings hit a peak in the early 1980s.
hit rock-bottom/an all-time low etc
Oil prices have hit rock-bottom.
10.)¦(REALIZE)¦ [T]
if a fact hits you, you suddenly realize its importance and feel surprised or shocked
It's impossible to pinpoint a moment when it hit me that I was 'a success'.
He was gone before they knew what had hit them (=realized what had happened) .
11.) ¦(SMELL/SIGHT ETC)¦ [T]
if a smell or sight hits you, you suddenly smell or see it
The smell of stale smoke hit him as he entered.
12.) ¦(ARRIVE)¦ [T] informal
to arrive at a place
They hit the main road two kilometres further on.
hit town AmE
I'll look for work as soon as I hit town.
13.) hit the road/trail informal
to begin a journey
14.) hit the shops/streets
if a product hits the shops, it becomes available to buy
I managed to get a copy of the book before it hit the shops.
15.) hit the headlines
to be reported widely on television, in newspapers etc
The couple hit the headlines last year when their relationship broke down.
16.) hit the bottle informal
to start drinking too much alcohol regularly
After his marriage failed, he hit the bottle big time.
17.) hit the dirt/the deck informal
to fall to the ground in order to avoid something dangerous
My first instinct was to hit the dirt.
18.) hit a (brick) wall informal
to suddenly not be able to make any progress
I felt I'd hit a wall with my playing.
19.) hit the buffers/skids informal
if a plan, project etc hits the buffers, it fails
Croft's comeback hit the skids yesterday when she lost in the quarter-finals.
20.) hit sb when they are down informal
to upset or harm someone when they are already defeated
21.) hit sb where it hurts informal
to do something that you know will upset someone in the most damaging way
You should hit your husband where it hurts - in his wallet!
22.) hit it off (with sb) informal if two people hit it off, they like each other as soon as they meet
I knew you'd hit it off with Mike.
23.) hit the big time
hit it big AmE informal to suddenly become very famous, successful, and rich
The 25-year-old painter hopes to hit it big in New York.
24.) hit the ground running
to start doing something successfully without any delay
Law graduates are expected to hit the ground running.
25.) hit the jackpot
a) to win a lot of money
b) to have a big success
Owens hit the jackpot in his first professional game with the Cowboys.
26.) hit the nail on the head informal
used to say that what someone has said is exactly right
You've hit the nail on the head there, David.
27.) hit home
a) if a remark, criticism etc about you hits home, you realize that it is true
Graham didn't reply, but she could see her words had hit home.
b) if a blow or kick hits home, it hits the thing it is aimed at
28.) hit the spot informal
to have exactly the good effect that you wanted, especially when you are hungry or thirsty
29.) hit the roof/ceiling informal
to be very angry
Ranieri returned, saw the mess, and hit the roof.
30.)hit the sack
hit the hay AmE informal to go to bed
the shit hits the fan atshit2 (17)
hit/strike paydirt atpaydirt
hit back phr v
to attack or criticize a person or group that has attacked or criticized you
= ↑retaliate hit back at
The actress hit back at claims that she had threatened a member of staff.
hit back with
United were a goal down, but hit back with an equalizer.
hit back by doing sth
He hit back by calling his critics 'lazy'.
hit on / [hit on sb/sth] phr v
1.) also hit upon sth
to have an idea or discover something suddenly or unexpectedly
= ↑come up with
Then we hit on the idea of asking viewers to donate money over the Net.
2.) AmE informal to talk to someone in a way that shows you are sexually attracted to them
Dave has hit on most of the women in the department.
hit out phr v
to try to hit someone
When he felt someone grab him, he hit out wildly.
hit out at / [hit out at sb/sth] phr v
also hit out against sb/sth
to express strong disapproval of someone or something
= ↑attack
The bishop hit out at the government's policy on the homeless.
hit with [hit sb with sth] phr v
1.) to tell someone something interesting, exciting, or shocking
The next morning, Steve hit me with the truth.
2.) AmE to punish or try to harm someone by doing something that will cause problems for them
The next day, we found they'd hit us with a lawsuit.
hit up for [hit sb up for sth] phr v
to ask someone for money
Did he hit you up for cash again?
with your fist: punch, thump, bash
with your open hand as a punishment: smack, spank, slap
with a hammer: bang, hammer
in order to get attention: bang, knock, tap, hammer
accidentally: bump into, crash into, strike, bang, knock, collide (with)
hit 2
hit2 S3 n
2¦(hit something)¦
something such as a film, play, song etc that is very popular and successful
a hit single/show/record etc
the hit musical 'Phantom of the Opera'
a big/smash/number 1 etc hit
the Beatles' greatest hits
Which band had a hit with 'Bohemian Rhapsody'?
be a hit with sb
(=be liked by them)
It's hoped the new museum will be a big hit with families.
an occasion when something that is aimed at something else touches it, reaches it, or damages it
Our ship took a direct hit and sank.
3.) ¦(COMPUTER)¦
a) an occasion when someone visits a website
The site had 2,000 hits in the first week.
b) a result of a computer search, especially on the Internet
thousands of irrelevant hits
4.) informal a feeling of pleasure obtained from taking an illegal drug
5.) informal a murder that has been arranged to happen
→↑hit man

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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